What if my Buffalo Nickel does not have a date ?

A common question is "I have a Buffalo nickel without a date on it, is there a way to find out what it is and if it is worth anything?"

When a date has been worn off a coin, the date can be restored by a process called "acid dating" Only trained coin dealers and collectors should attempt this process. Once the date is readable, the coin can be identified. The value of the coin in most cases is relatively very low, however if the coin was associated with a rare date and a high demand, even a coin that has been through acid dating may be somewhat valuable.

The photo below shows a very worn Buffalo Nickel. The date is completely unreadable.

In the next photo, a coin of the exact same condition as the above coin was treated with acid. It appears to be a full date 1927 nickel. Note the discoloration and matted appearance on the bottom of the coin in the area of the indian's braid, chin, and especially in the area of the date.