Buffalo Nickels with Date and Mint Mark Errors

The images on the following pages were submitted from various sources and have not been verified for accuracy or content. Some of the images are from my own personal collection. The images are to provide a general reference and guideline on what to look for when viewing error coins. No value is applied to the following images, and the viewer of the pages can not assume a value. If you have a coin that you feel is of value because it is an error coin, it is strongly suggested that you consult one of the coin grading services.

1914 embedded S

1918 over 1917 D Buffalo Nickel

1935 D over D

1936 D Double image on obverse

1936 ddr

1936 S over S

1936 S over S over S

1937 over 1937 D

1937 D DDO

1938 D over D

1938 D over S