Interesting & Strange Buffalo Nickel Errors

The following images are to provide a general reference and guideline on what to look for when viewing error coins. No value is applied to the following images, and the viewer of the pages can not assume a value. If you have a coin that you feel is of value because it is an error coin, it is strongly suggested that you consult one of the coin grading services.

1937 D Three Legged Buffalo Nickel

Retained Struck-in Wire (PCGS graded 1937 AU 50)

Buffalo Nickel struck with a cracked die

Lamination error (bad metal and bonding)

Cud Error (extra metal when minted)

1936 D Three 1/2 Legged Buffalo Nickel

1936 Missing "C" in "Cents"

Oversized Buffalo Nickel

Clip (or cut) Error

1917 & 1928 Off Center Strikes (flat-head 1917)

Two Feathers


Die Struck Through (Missing "IVE" in "FIVE CENTS"

Buffalo struck on a cent planchet (Extremely rare)

Spitting Buffalo (Die scratch below Chin to ground)

Missing Date with a raised 8

5 Examples of Lamination Errors on Buffalo Nickels

A Most Unusual Buffalo Nickel Error